“The first thing I was impressed with when Tim St.Clair preached at our church was how God-centered and Bible-saturated his messages and methods are! Tim understands that “salvation is of the Lord” and does not resort to man-made methods for a human response. Tim faithfully presented the gospel and let the Holy Spirit do His convincing and drawing work. I was also impressed with Tim’s wisdom. He loves pastors and spends a great deal of time counseling with the pastor while in a meeting. I found Tim’s counsel to be thoroughly Biblical and tailor­made to where I was. I can wholeheartedly recommend the ministry of Tim St.Clair to any pastor and church!”

Jonathan Sims
Shelbyville Mills Baptist Church

“I have known Tim St.Clair and his family for over 15 years. They have ministered in the churches I’ve served as pastor on several occasions. Tim has an unparalleled passion for genuine revival among the people of God. He is an uncompromising proclaimer of the Scriptures who preaches with the urgency of a contemporary prophet. His life is one of genuine authenticity, integrity, and servant devotion to Christ. I consider Tim to be a wise counselor and a devoted friend. I wholeheartedly commend the ministry God has given him to you.”

A. Timothy Hight, Ph.D.
GraceLife Baptist Church

“There are only a few men that I feel confident and comfortable with behind the pulpit of our church – Revivalist Tim St.Clair is one of them. When Brother Tim is scheduled to preach, I and our people get excited. That excitement stems from knowing that when Tim stands in the pulpit, the Word of God will be preached with faithfulness to the text, heartfelt sincerity, and passionate delivery. Best of all, both Tim and his wife Nancy exhibit the joy of the Lord. I strongly, without reservation or hesitation, recommend Tim St. Clair to any church that wants to hear the Truth.”

Dr. Steven Hauter
Cornerstone Baptist Church