This is a word, that has basically disappeared from the church and the language of most believers in America … REPENT! The reason, I suppose, is painfully obvious! WHO WANTS TO CHANGE?! That could be costly … it might cost me my job, or some friendships, or even cause tension among family members … and it might even cost us some church members! Whoa! Don’t talk to me about something that might create tension in the church! But the need is NOT a fresh challenge about THE GREAT COMMISSION, because in spite of what most would say, that was NOT the last message of Jesus to His followers! His last message was about THE GREAT COMMAND … and that message was REPENT! As He addressed the issues in 5 of the 7 churches in Asia Minor in the Revelation (only about 40-50 years after they had been established), He told them to REPENT!

The Greek word used for repentance – Meta-noeō, means to think and act differently afterwards, to think in such a way that it causes you to behave differently afterwards. Some today, in a very weak use of the word emphasize that this is merely “a change of mind” however, the consistent use of at least a portion of the word has a lot more power & meaning than that. The words used all involve two things: Change & movement! So, let’s define REPENTANCE as “a change of mind that ALWAYS brings about a change of lifestyle.”

Again … CHANGE & MOVEMENT! Jesus was TRANSFIGURED, Enoch was TRANSLATED that he should not see death, Paul TRANSFERRED a comparison to himself & Apollos for the sake of the Corinthian church, and we are told we are to be TRANSFORMED by the renewing of our mind. ALL of these words begin with the same Greek phrase – “META” For example, the Greek word – meta-morphoō  (from which we get the word metamorphosis) is used for TRANSFORMATION and of course the word picture is a caterpillar inside the cocoon being CHANGED into a beautiful butterfly!  Enoch was MOVED from earth to heaven, Jesus was CHANGED into a different level of glory in the disciples presence!

It may indeed be COSTLY, but this is a message that needs to be “shouted from the housetops” once again across our nation, BEGINNING WITH THE PEOPLE OF GOD IN CHURCH! It was the message of the prophets in the Old Testament, it was the message of John the Baptist as he prepared the way for Jesus, it was the message of Jesus while here, it was the message of Stephen, Paul, Peter & John in the New Testament! Here is the message of Jesus to His church: “As many as I love, I rebuke and chasten: be zealous therefore, and repent.” (Rev.3:19)


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