It seems to me, as I pray for the pastors in Houston this week, the verse that comes to mind is Eph. 4 – “speak the truth in love.” Of course, we know that Jesus was ALWAYS the perfect balance of these two. “When you speak, speak the truth … and always speak the truth in love.” But, as followers of Jesus Christ as our Lord … we cannot IGNORE this most recent outbreak of an abominable lifestyle and expect it to just go away. When you study SODOMY in history and more specifically in scripture, you find that these people DO NOT merely wish “to be left alone,” to live in their choices. No indeed, they, by nature become aggressive, militant, self-promoting, & “in your face” determined that you must accept & approve of their sinful habits, which of course, if we are to be true to the Bible and TRUTH … we cannot! They have twisted and perverted TRUTH to justify their sin & want you to tell them … “that’s okay!” You simply CANNOT DO THIS! As the scriptures state in a declaration of FINALITY, “Let God be true and every man a liar.” In other words, TRUTH MUST WIN OUT! And if anyone is going to change, it must be US as human beings … not God, doing the changing.

What have they,  the sodomites – (some call them “Gay,” there is nothing gay about their lifestyle) done with TRUTH? First the truth was SUPPRESSED (Rom.1:18), then it was DENIED (Rom.1:19-22), then they CHANGED it into a lie (Rom.1:25), then all along the way of course they DISOBEYED it (Rom.2:8). Paul gives us our answer as TRUE BELIEVERS how to respond to this: “the servant of the Lord must not strive; but be GENTLE unto all men, apt (ready) to teach, patient (forbearing), in meekness instructing those THAT OPPOSE THEMSELVES; IF God peradventure will give them REPENTANCE to the ACKNOWLEDGING OF THE TRUTH; and that they may RECOVER THEMSELVES out of the snare of the devil, who are TAKEN CAPTIVE by him AT HIS WILL.  (II Tim. 2:24-26)

This entire downward spiral begins with how an individual, then a community, then a country responds to God’s TRUTH! I don’t expect sodomites to understand what I’ve written here (which of course is just the Word of God in plain and simple words), but my great concern is for professing followers of Christ who are believing a lie & rejecting the truth about God’s view of this abominable act. We don’t need another “Panel Discussion” on this sin, we just need a clarion call from the pulpits of our land, and then a response of loving confrontation and sharing of the gospel (good news) of forgiveness & peace being available! REPENTANCE IS REQUIRED in order for this issue to CHANGE … (but somehow, I don’t see God being the one who has to change His mind on sodomy … that is NOT going to happen). God has spoken … mercy, grace & salvation are available to everyone who repents and believes the gospel … but the lifestyle MUST be stopped. You cannot “hold on to your sin” and receive salvation at the same time. As Jesus told the woman taken in adultery (Jn.8:11) … “GO … and SIN NO MORE.”


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