“Christianity” on the Internet – Be Careful, Be Selective

I am SO burdened for the “typical” Christian in America these days. I remember in 2007 reading a report that said “by 2012, 72% of Christians would be getting their ‘spiritual nourishment’ on the internet.” (Do I need to remind you that this is 2013 … YIKES?) Dear friend, there are so many things WRONG about that perspective and “modus operandi.” Can I touch on just three of them?

FIRST: it bypasses the LOCAL CHURCH. We love to use the language of “the kingdom” today and operate in the realm of “kingdom living” etc., but friend Jesus established the local church to be a body of REAL people, interacting, DAILY, in each other’s presence (able to look “eye to eye”), centered around the preaching of His Written Word,“And they continued stedfastly in 1) the apostles’ doctrine and 2) fellowship, and 3) in breaking of bread, and 4)in prayers.” Friend, there are certain functions that need to happen TOGETHER. Do NOT give up on the local church! Find one that truly preaches the Bible (accurately … not just men’s opinion) and plug yourself IN! Become a servant, find out how and where you can help, discover and use the gifts God has given you to edify the body of Christ. (Eph.4:12-16)

SECONDLY: it has the potential to take you OUT of the WORD OF GOD. We are SO prone to give more credence to a “living voice” as in the opinions of other living, breathing human beings … but, oh my, what a dangerous road that can lead you down. You can take my opinion, add it to a couple of other opinions of people … put them all together with a dollar and get a cup of coffee! Well, some places (McDonalds) … probably not Starbucks! Sometimes we look too much for the “approval of man,” especially on FB and other Social Media outlets. A girl puts a picture of an outfit,, or new hair color or cut, and waits for people to express their opinion, then she acts on that “vote.” A guy asks opinion of his peers about a certain girl, should he pursue her or about a “music group” should he get that CD or whatever. Dear people, we MUST learn to get into the Word of God, and begin forming CONVICTIONS based on the principles God has already laid down in scripture. That is the ONLY WAY you can build your life on a secure foundation. Search the scriptures! (I Tim. 4:6,12-16)

THIRDLY: it has the potential to remove you from ACCOUNTABILITY to people who see you day in and day out and TRULY know you best. How much more convenient is it to get someone’s opinion, who only communicates with you online, and only gets your side of the story (dangerous) and who then gives you their counsel with only a portion of the information needed to make wise, deliberate, Biblically based decisions. Proverbs tells us, “he that answers a matter before he hears it, it is a FOLLY and a SHAME to him.” (18:13).  We need the protection of people, close by, who love us to tell us when we’ve got “a tear in the back of our coat” (in other words, we don’t see the real picture that others are seeing).

Without a doubt, there is much good that can be accomplished through this tool we call “the internet,” but that which is invented to be a BLESSING, can also be a CURSE, if misused! Living your life “on the internet” really puts you in a “Dream World” mentality and will cause destruction in your real life, day to day, relationships with those directly involved in your life. To borrow a phrase that really seems to fit here … GET A LIFE! Stay plugged in with reality. Invest yourself in those around you who TRULY need your best and your most. Don’t waste your life in “ESCAPISM!” So, now that you read this online … get off here quickly, look around and get involved in PEOPLE! … What are you waiting for? GO!



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