The name “Abundantly Above All” tells the goal: it is to see God doing “exceeding abundantly above all that we can ask or think.” That is REVIVAL! This is more than just Paul’s doxology for the church. These verses give the greatest New Testament definition for revival. I call this God’s Triple “A” service. God doing “abundantly above all” we can ask or think and bringing to Himself glory in the church by Jesus Christ! If there has ever been a time in my lifetime in which we need to be seeking the face of God for a fresh movement of His Spirit to the hearts of His people…this is that time!

Why not seek God for revival?

Why not now?

Early in my Christian life, I had the opportunity of seeing God move in genuine revival. I don’t mean just a series of meetings on a church calendar. It was that … but it became much more than that! From that point until now, God burned into my heart an increasing burden for the church in America to once again know the power & glory of God experientially! It is one thing to read in scripture and church history about God’s divine interventions in behalf of His people and for His Glory, it is quite another to witness it and be a part of if firsthand! Once you see God demonstrate His glory in a given time in history, you will never be satisfied with “nominal” Christianity again. There will always be in your heart a longing for God’s manifest presence to be known and felt amongst His church.

Over the past 40+ years we have witnessed God time and time again setting His people free! Freedom from the bondage of sin, freedom from a guilty conscience, freedom from moral impurity, freedom to love again in family relationships, freedom to worship God with a pure heart, freedom from broken relationships with people in church & community! Power once again in our lives … power to live for His glory & power to tell others with a clear conscience the good news of Jesus Christ! Why not join us in believing God for just such a movement in our lifetime!

If there is anyway we can be of service to you & your church in seeking God for revival … please contact us.  Tim (717) 580-0025,  tim@aaarm.org

Believing God for Revival,

Tim & Nancy St.Clair

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